The 2021/2022 Texas Darts Masters

Darts Atlas will be sponsoring at least one player from Texas with an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in the North American Darts Championship Qualifiers, and to attend the PDC’s World Series of Darts event that same weekend.

Sponsorship includes:

More details and dates will be announced in May.

How to Qualify

Darts Atlas is partnering with local community organizers to set up two qualifier tournaments in their region. The winners of each event will earn an entry to the Texas Darts Masters, to be held in Austin on March 5, 2022.

The qualifier entry fee is $25 per player. At least 16 players must participate in each tournament for the winner to earn their entry to the Texas Darts Masters.


Qualifier tournaments will be played best-of-9 until the Final, which will be best-of-11.

The Texas Darts Masters will be played best-of-9 until the Semi-Final, which will be best-of-11. The Final will be best-of-13.

Host a Qualifier

Hosting a tournament has never been easier, but there are a few requirements that an organizer should understand before reaching out:

  1. Registration, payment, and match play is all managed through the Darts Atlas platform. Organizers will be sent a link to their tournament homepage once their events have been approved, and will be responsible for checking players in on the day of the event. Check-in consists of clicking an “Approve” button on a player registration management page, accessible through any smart phone or connected tablet.
  2. Each board must be equipped with a tablet (7” minimum) that is capable of recording scores on the Darts Atlas website.
  3. Host venues must be non-smoking and publicly accessible to all players age 21 and over.
  4. Additional entry fees may not be collected. However, organizers are encouraged to run a secondary non-qualifier event following the conclusion of their Qualifier, and may employ any format and fee structure they wish.
  5. A minimum of 16 players is required for the winner to earn an entry to the Texas Darts Masters.
  6. Players who have already qualified may not compete in other qualifier tournaments.

Fill out the Texas Darts Masters contact form to host qualifier events in your region.

Region Host Venue Qualifier Dates
Austin - - -
Corpus Christi - - -
Dallas - - -
Denton - - -
El Paso - - -
Fort Worth - - -
Houston - - -
San Angelo - - -
San Antonio - - -

Don’t see your region listed? Add it by submitting the form linked above.

The Texas Darts Masters, Darts Atlas, and City League Darts are unaffiliated with the Championship Darts Corporation and the Professional Darts Corporation.